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Mehr Sport

BornaMehrFerdows, Sports services and equipment providing company is a registered brand inside and outside of Iran. It has been established to offer sports and health services from equipment to provide full services of sports, team management and managing sports places. Having special expertise, long history, and brilliant performance in the field of archery, fishing, camping, and mountaineering sports is what makes our services reliable and professional. For our customers we have taken many steps including importing and distributing sports equipment so that we can provide you with the highest grade sports equipment at authorized agencies and prestigious stores in Iran. We have also equipped and managed many archery salons and championships with our high quality expertise and equipment. In the near future the activities of this company will extend to provide equipment and expertise to all fields of sport.

Sport Equipment

We atMehr Sport, having enough experience, have tried to meet all the needs of everyone through offering appropriate equipment and facilities. Our company has created sales networks across the country to import, distribute and sell sports equipment products from the elementary to professional levels, and because our imports are direct, we offers up to date equipment with the most modest prices possible.

In today's world, sporting is an integrated part of individual and social life. In the modern world, life cannot be practically imagined without sports. Therefore, after many years of experience, continuous research and utilizing the knowledge of experts and advisors, Mehr Sport was established in order to provide a new generation of sporting services and health to those interested. Mehr Sport has determined its plan and objective to provide a full set of sporting services from the basic level to championship level. Providing specialized services in accordance with the latest standards in the world is the reason why this company is one of the leading groups in Iran in terms of sports. With Mehr Sport you will have a different experience of playing sport and staying healthy; and these specialized services will satisfy you beyond your expectations. The main factors of success for a company include commitment, expertise and respect for customer’s requirements. Successful companies will be those which can listen to their customer’s opinions and demands and provide them their demands in the best conditions and quality. We believe that we are responsible against all customers who use our products and services and pay attention to their explicit and implicated demands. My colleagues and I are always open to customer's opinions and demands so that we can provide the best services possible having comprehensive and complete information about your needs. Hopefully we will provide you with the suitable services that you deserve with the help of God, dear customers trust in our skilled and experienced personnel.

The Executive Manager

Sport Service

The sports group of Mehr Sport which possesses experienced, specialized, and sporty personnel has tried to fulfil an important role to create interest and incentive, talented scouts, and heroism in the sport fields. Through offering new and varied services, this company has tried to meet all the needs of the people. Mehr Sport offers all the services needed by athletes and all our customers in our currently supported sports.

Sport Place

Through construction, initialization, management and utilization of sports places with the latest and most complete equipment, the sports group of Mehr Sport has tried to establish a firm station for our customers. This company has tried to provide an appropriate environment to keep you fit and healthy through using new and up to date technologies. Today, Mehr Sport manages some of the best sport places in Iran.

A Store, extent of Iran

Mehr Sport is benefiting from an extensive distribution network throughout the country in the form of sports shops, distributors and authorized reseller of Mehr Sport, also with the ability to search, select, order and purchase products online at Mehr Sport web site across the country and get access to equipment purchased for Sport enthusiasts all over Iran is easy and possible. To order your favorite sport equipment and for advice, visit the order page.


Mehr Sport sponsor of the Second National Benchrest Championship

Mehr Sport Sponsored the Second National Benchrest Championship based on its corporate objective to fully support shooting events and improve both the quality and quantity of these tournaments.

Features of Sixth National Benchrest Ramadan Cup

The 6 th national Ramadan Cup Benchrest Tournament was held on Tir 18 th 1395 in Sepidkamarchal arena located in Meygoun region of Tehran province.

Mehr Sport Supporter and Sponsor of the Ramadan Cup Benchrest Tournament

The 6 th national Ramadan Cup Benchrest Tournament was held on Tir 18 th 1395 in Sepidkamarchal arena located in Meygoun region of Tehran province.

Partners and Suppliers

In order for us to provide high quality sports equipment we have become partnered with the following reputable brands:

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