BornaMehrFerdows (P.J.S.) is a company registered in IRAN. (Reg. No. 489048). Mehr Sport is the trading name of BornaMehrFerdows Co.

After 7 years of non-stop activities in shooting, fishing, camping, and mountaineering, Mehr Sport formalized its activities in the form of a complete and centralized company titled as BornaMehrFerdows in 2016. BornaMehrFerdows Sporting Services and Equipment Company owns the registered trading name “Mehr Sport” in Iran and abroad and has been established in order to form a full chain of sport and health services from the stage of providing equipment to providing full team management services and sport site management. This company has been founded while utilizing the experiences of a group of experts in the said fields and has concentrated all of its efforts for the progress and development of sport and the spread of the popularity of sport throughout the country. Thus, using expert’s expertise and the latest technology, this company manufactures, equips and sets up scouting and professionalcenters so that the people who are interested in the said sports can be trained from the basic level all the way to the advanced level under the supervision of experienced athleteswhile using the most complete and professional equipment and facilities. Furthermore, taking into account the widespread communication on the national and international levels, efforts have been made to obtain official partnerships with reputable brands in the world in order to procure, import and distribute sporting equipment with the highest quality and at the lowest price for all who are interested. In addition to the above, this company has completed its services providing counselling in different sporting areas; and, as a result, it has become the most comprehensive group providing sporting services in all related fields. By having special expertise, a long record and great performance in the fields of shooting, fishing, camping and mountaineering, this company acts on a specialized level with regard to the said sports. These actions include import, distribution and sale of sporting equipment, equipping and managing the specialized room of shooting, establishing shooting championship and scouting centersand supporting the formation of theMehr Sport teams. In the next steps, these activities will be operated in other specialized fields as well.

Mehr Sport Brand

Mehr Sport is a registered trademark which belongs to BornaMehrFerdows Company in the class of sporting services and equipment in the Islamic Republic of Iran and abroad. The title of this registered brand is comprised of two words: Mehr and Sport. Mehr is a well-known name in Persian whose meaning has been defined in dictionaries as the synonym of friendship, affection, love, generosity, and compassion. Mehris mentioned in the Persian culture as an angel who represents love, affection, management and planning. In the Old Persian Calendar, Mehr is the 16th day of each month. In ancient Iran, Mehr is rooted in the name of "Izad", the representative of the sun, and it means friend, friendship and affection in Sanskrit. The concept of Mehr means the invincible sun for ancient Romans. Although not a Persian name, the term "Sport" is well-known in Iran and people generally understand its meaning. Sport has been added to Mehr in order to specify the territory and area of this brand's activities. The right view behind the design of this brand's title is that this company and the brand associated with it will soon be present as an Iranian company all over the world; thus, the fact that the area of activity for this company is reflected in its name will be a trump cardin marketing our brand around the world.
The commitment and objective of Mehr Sport is to form a full chain sports service and carry out specialized activities in the field of sport to start a movement towards keeping healthy with the use of sports in order to develop human relations, friendship and affection among all people in society, all centered around sports.

Mehr Sport's Visual Identity

Sign: the logo or sign of Mehr Sport is a linear form comprised of soft angles and curves with round angles in the form of a uniform, integrated, continuous and soft design that is a remainder of firmness and health and, at the same time, motion, sport, athletic moves and staying active. The Mehr Sport logo has been designed for use in Iran and abroad; thus, it meets all international standards and includes the rich Iranian culture. This sign is read by any Persian speaking viewer easily, with a look from the right to the left,it reminds them of the term "Mehr" (affection). A look from the left to the right, would remind any English speaking viewer of the letter "M" - the first letter of Mehr. This sign has two main axes and two tips: an axis and a tip with a round line demonstrating motion, dynamics and sports, and the other axis and tip representing firmness and health. This logo generally represents sports, health, activity, dynamics, sustainability, progressiveness, completeness and power.

Logo type: Mehr Sport has two Persian and English written signs for use in Iran and abroad. Written signs include the complete title Mehr Sport which has been designed and implemented based on the logo's form. The parts and writings of both Persian and English written signs are completely the same and indicate full compliance with design standards in both the Persian and the English design.

Corporate color: Mehr Sport's organizational color is comprised of two spectres of white and green which represent health and firmness and, at the same time, motion, dynamics and sports as two sides of Mehr Sport's performance. The combination of contrast and, at the same time, the match of both colors point to Mehr Sport's continuous and aligned activities, namely sports and health.

Corporate motif: the organizational texture, motif or structure of Mehr Sport's visual identity is a line of the same color with the logo, parallel with the direction of the logo's main axis, with the form and diameter of the logo, moving downwards and pointing to the Mehr Sport sign. This line which is known as the Mehr Line points to Mehr Sport's organizational motto. This line is aligned to the two main arms of the logo and points to the two activity themes of this company, namely health and sports.

Official motto: Mehr Sport's organizational motto has been designed based on the company's commitment and objective and in accordance with the company's themes of activity, namely affection, sports and health. In Mehr Sport's organizational visual identity, this motto is evoked in the design of the sign, written sign, color and organizational motif. The main axis of all of the extensive domestic and international activities of Mehr Sport is moving on the line of affection which is the line of sports and health.

The sign, written sign and visual identity of Mehr Sport have been designed by Mr. Hamid Maziyar at Arad Cultural Institute.

Copy  rights:

Sign: Due to professional and legal activities of Mehr Sport in international markets and in order to respect the authors’ rights, this company fully observes all national and international laws including the copyright. Therefore, all the texts, images, and items used in the Mehr Sport website and its brand’s advertisements follow the intellectual property rights of the author. All pictures used by Mehr Sport or its marketing team were designed and photographed in Arad studios or have been officially purchased from the local or foreign artists. Mehr Sport employs Font Iran and Font Iran Sense in its website, office set, products, and marketing essentials and has officially purchased the right to commercially use this font for organizations and legal entities. Mehr sport invites everyone to observe copyright.

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